Blackstone ha publicado en noviembre el audiolibro de la traducción al inglés de Don de lenguas, que apareció con el título de The Whispering City. La novela completa en 12 Cds.

La estupenda traducción al inglés es obra de Mara Faye Lethem. La lee maravillosamente Roxanne Hernández.

Tal vez desconcierte un poco que nuestros nombres se escondan detrás del seudónimo Sara Moliner, pero los editores lo consideraron conveniente.


Reader Bio

Roxanne Hernandez was a 2011 Audie Award finalist and a top narrator choice for young adult, adult drama, and Latin American/Chicano literature. Among her titles are the Nola Céspedes mysteries by Joy Castro.


Barcelona, 1952. General Franco’s fascist government is at the height of its oppressive powers, casting a black shadow across the city. When wealthy socialite Mariona Sobrerroca is found dead in her mansion in the exclusive Tibidabo district, the police scramble to seize control of the investigation. Ana Martí Noguer, an eager young journalist, is surprised to be assigned this important story, shadowing Inspector Isidro Castro.

But Ana soon realizes that a bundle of strange letters unearthed at the scene point to a sequence of events dramatically different from the official version. She enlists the help of her cousin Beatriz, a scholar, and what begins as an intriguing puzzle opens up a series of revelations that implicate the regime’s most influential figures. As the conspiracy unfolds, Ana’s courage and Beatriz’s wits will be their only weapons against the city’s corrupt and murderous elite.

Review Quotes

“The plot…is embellished with ingenious twists and turns, and the concept of using linguistics as a detection tool is fascinating. Ana is given a crash course ‘in what she was allowed to think and what she should keep quiet’, and it is this evocation of an era when brutality and repression are the norm that gives real pause for thought.” Daily Mail (London)

“One of the most original, dynamic, convincing and addictive crime novels around today.” El Mundo (Spain)

“This is an exciting, original, and thoughtful thriller that paints a vivid picture of the awfulness of life in Barcelona, and indeed the whole of Spain, during the fascist years.” Literary Review

“The tension in this gritty debut lies in the detailed descriptions of Barcelonans in the grip of state control, which gains a more brutal edge played against the cozy-like presentation of the mystery. A fascinating angle on an ever-intriguing period.”  Booklist (starred review)